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7 months ago

Press B 146: Hidden Gems - Unearthing must play games!

In this episode of the Press B Podcast, we discuss four hidden gem games that may have flown under the radar. From early arcade to modern releases, we delve into some overlooked and underappreciated games that deserve more love. Join us as we unearth some gaming treasures that you might have missed!

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Transcript: Jake (A): Digging through a pile of dirt for those hidden gems. And no, not circus. Charlie, today on, um welcome, everybody. Another episode of press B to cancel your favorite podcast for the next five minutes, if I can believe the YouTube algorithm and SEO. Yeah. Five minutes. Yeah. So today is another episode we got planned for you guys, and we're going to be talking about hidden gems. Now, I know that we did that in the past before, back when we did audio only episodes, but there's plenty of games out there, both new and some old, that are just games that don't get enough love or attention. Games that we think you may not even have heard of. I know my pick was surprising to myself. So we're going to go through some hidden games this week. And not by myself. No, never alone. I'm joined by three good friends. GP, how are you doing this week?

GP (B): I'm doing good, thank you. It's good to be here. Thank you for having me back.

Jake (A): And we checked those audio levels for nothing.

Sins (C): I also am doing well. Thank you for asking.

Jake (A): I hate you guys. And Werewolf, how are you doing this week?

Wulff (D): I am doing better than I expected I'd be, seeing as I've been feeling like garbage all week.

Jake (A): Well, I'll tell you what's not garbage our four picks this week. All right, so we're going to get right into it.

Wulff (D): That would be debatable if Chard were here.

Jake (A): Oh, boy. If he was here, he would just pick his hidden gem would be Elden Ring, and we'd argue that for 45 minutes. So we're better off without not what he had in this week.

Sins (C): No. His hidden gem. His hidden gem is the story inside of Eldon Ring.

Jake (A): So buried Circus Charlie might have more plot than Elder ring, but anyway, I think so. All right, Citistar, how about you kick us off first? What game do you want to bring to the table? Talk about as your choice of hidden gem.

Sins (C): Sure. So I looked at the quantity of reviews for this game on Steam. It's a modern game, and I don't know that it's hidden gem, but everybody I've spoken to has not heard of this game. But it has, like, something like 70 or 90,000 positive reviews. Anyway, I'm bringing to the table gunfire reborn.

Jake (A): Have you played this one before?

Sins (C): Okay, yeah, I've played quite a few hours of it, actually. I play this. I've done this. I have a family game night on Wednesdays, and it is a co op, first person shooter, rogue light, and it's great.

Jake (A): Okay.

Sins (C): Yeah.

GP (B): Looks like spyro, like the animation type.

Sins (C): Looks like spiral. Yeah, it very much does. Yeah. So basically the simplest concept is you go basically from area room to room. You have to defeat all of the enemies in each room to progress. You earn new weapons or you earn these things called elite scrolls, which modify portions of the game you beat a boss and then you progress to the next area and eventually you make it. I think there's four areas and then the end boss, if I remember right, don't quote me on that, but I should remember. I've played hours and hours and hours of this, but I don't know if this is truly hidden, but it was hidden to me. I found it looking for a co op game to play with my family, and it was buried down in the list of Steam co op games.

Jake (A): I've never heard of this one before, actually. I mean, I played roguelike first person shooters. I played Cigarette quite a bit, but that's not co op. This looks pretty rad.

Sins (C): Yeah.

Jake (A): Why are you a cat? Is that a class?

Sins (C): Yeah. So it's characters, I guess it's a class, but they're characters by name. And each player can be any of the characters. It's not like one that's picked makes it so another person can't play that character. Because when you start the game, I think you literally have one, like one choice.

GP (B): Is it a pro techer?

Sins (C): It is absolutely.

Jake (A): In Europe.

Sins (C): Yeah. Contradictory to protector. It's not. And then as you earn, you earn unlocks in the game. You earn unlocks as you level. And then you can also purchase unlocks via earned in game talent. They call them talent points. And that's where TPS. Yeah, exactly. It's TP for sure. That's where the rogue light function comes in. There are much like vampire survivors. You purchase unlocks that enhance every character. But then each character also has their own. It's just a straight skill tree. It's step 12345, I guess. It's not a tree, it's a skill line. But the rest of the enhance, everything is a skill tree.

Jake (A): What's the variety of enemies and bosses like? Is it pretty samey or is there a good variety?

Sins (C): There's a good variety. You get people, you get grenadiers, you get spear people that come up and try to stab you. You get big, big boss. Well, I guess I kind of look at them as kind of a mini boss that have giant shields that deflect most of your damage until you can either get around them or defeat their shield, or some sort of enhancement will do additional damage. And then certain enhancements will make it so that when a character explodes I'm looking at it right now, they will actually turn into a little beetle as they die and they come at you. That's a modifier in the game that happens depending on the area you're in. And then there are elites. Yeah, then there are elites that obviously are large and have some sort of modifier. Some of them will be stealth where you can't see them. Some will be just extreme hit points. Some will have large weapons, et cetera, et cetera. And then there are boss types that are hard. They're genuinely hard. And then, of course, much like every rogue light. You select your difficulty all the way up through Nightmare or whatever. The craziest levels are nice.

Wulff (D): This is actually a game I've looked at a few times as something to move on to with my buddy when we're done playing Ship of Fools because we finish a game and we move on to a new one. And this is one I was looking at, but I'm on the fence about it because he gets motion sickness with.

Sins (C): And this is fairly depending on what causes the motion sickness, I think you can turn off things like motion sway or whatever you call it.

Wulff (D): Yeah, head bobbing and motion sway are.

Sins (C): Really bad for him, but it also is pretty frenetic. And so if making fast turns and stuff will make him ill as well, it's probably ill advised, but it's a blast. Absolutely a blast.

GP (B): Yeah.

Jake (A): Sorry, I just had to pull it off. Well, seriously?

GP (B): You murder a spider?

Jake (A): That's what this was terrifying we did today. No, I just grabbed the string and.

GP (B): Just kind of prayed his way.

Wulff (D): You just moved him away. He's okay.

Jake (A): My heart's not okay. Spider is okay. Don't worry. That will haunt me tonight.

Sins (C): Yeah.

GP (B): Did anybody else see this spider? I mean, how big was this guy? Or gal?

Jake (A): He's a good size.

Wulff (D): They grow big up here.

Jake (A): They eat other bugs. I mean, we don't have any, but if we do, then I know that they would get eaten by this sucker. I don't kill spiders. The one bugs I don't mind. They freak me out, but I don't mind.

Sins (C): I'm sorry. I would take off a nuke from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

Wulff (D): Yeah, I mean, I'm not that bad. I used to be the one who would catch them and take them outside, but wife Wolf is so terrified of spiders that I can't do that anymore. I just have to smash them.

GP (B): Okay. Can I implement or at least posit a new rule or regulation for the channel? And maybe we can have chat where people in discord vote on this for us. From now on, if ever there's a spider on one of our cameras and we need to get rid of them, you can't do one of these. You can't be gentle. I'm not advocating murdering the spider, but if you're going to at least do some sort of, like, power move from wrestling, throw down some elbows, the only way to do away with it is give it one of those. That way, when we see it, it's not this. It's an action shot.

Jake (A): Excuse me while I tube stone this bug. Just give me a few minutes.

GP (B): Yeah, right.

Jake (A): It's a diamond cutter.

Sins (C): Oh, boy.

GP (B): I mean, if you can smell what.

Sins (C): The jake to getting back to gunfire so the unlocked tree is great. The weapons are fantastic. You start out with just basically your standard p shooter. It's just a little machine gun. You always have it. And the nice thing is that one always has unlimited ammo, but it's just a P shooter. So you can then carry two other weapons. And as you progress through the game, you unlock other weapons. There are some weapons that one of my favorites is you've all seen Fifth Element, right?

Jake (A): Oh, yeah.

Sins (C): There's the part where what's his name is showing his crates of weapons and he shoots the thing, and then he turns around and shoots, and all the bullets fly back to the thing and he says, My favorite, or whatever. Right? You have that gun. You have that gun in the game. That is an unlock. You have mealy weapons, you have sniper weapons. And these are all unlocks. And then some of the weapons are clever. There are some that are, like there's a little lizard that you squeeze and it belches. Rapid fireballs. The animations are great. It's colorful. One of the things that drives me nuts about Call of Duty is everything's gray and brown, right? In Call of Duty.

Wulff (D): More brown and more bloom.

Sins (C): Yeah. And this is colorful. And the bosses are epic. And some of the bosses are epically. Frustrating.

Jake (A): Yeah. Watching the gameplay footage, this looks really colorful, really cartoonish, really awesome style. It looks like it controls really well, too.

Sins (C): Yeah. This is a boss that they're working on right now.

Jake (A): Right?

Sins (C): And yeah, the controls are incredibly smooth. On top of your regular weapons, some weapons will have an alternate fire, and then you also have a secondary ability. And depending on the character, some characters freeze them in place. Those are those chains that you see coming out. Other characters launch a grenade or something like that. It's based on each character, so the unlocks are great. We've been playing for hours and hours and hours, and I'm still definitely unlocking in this game.

Jake (A): That's one of the great things about this kind of game, like rogue likes, is they're usually not full price. They're usually fairly inexpensive. And the rogue like aspects to it just give you so many hours of gameplay and keeping things fresh and different every time, especially he's back. What the fuck, dude?

GP (B): Oh, I see him.

Wulff (D): No, elbow, elbow.

GP (B): Okay, hold on.

Jake (A): All right.

Wulff (D): He's on a mission.

Sins (C): Yeah.

Jake (A): Jesus. He wants me to go because I.

GP (B): Just saw him fall down and I'm afraid he's in your lap.

Wulff (D): No, I saw him.

Jake (A): Bring him back.

GP (B): We need a special guest.

Sins (C): My brother brought up the run tactic. So the run tactic is treated differently than most first person shooters. It's not a simple hold shift or tap shift. And you get to run permanently. It is a dash action. Like, it is tap it and you dash forward a certain amount. And then there's a refill period or reload period. You can get scrolls that will enhance that. Some of them will give you, like, say, three, so that you can do three in a row. Some of them will change the amount of time for it to refresh, et cetera.

GP (B): I love that.

Jake (A): Yeah, this looks like an awesome pick. I've never heard of it myself, personally. I don't know. So, Wolf, you said you've heard of it but never played it. Was this ever a game on your.

GP (B): Radar or no, no, I mean, I've played Spyro and I've played Metroid Prime, so kind of yeah.

Wulff (D): Visually, this looks like somewhere between Spyro and Borderlands, which is really cool.

Jake (A): Yeah.

GP (B): I dig the hell out of this. And I'm going to be 100%. I have been jonesing to get into a first person shooter as of late with all the reviews and things I've heard coming out from the Metroid Prime remaster that just got released. So this might take me off that path of something I've played a million times to something new and fresh, and I like that.

Wulff (D): How many players is this one?

Sins (C): It's up to four, and it is called online.

Wulff (D): Nice.

Sins (C): Yeah.

GP (B): If we don't sell Charge, maybe we can I'm kidding. It's not like I would pick some sort of game and then start some sort of server that you guys play, but I don't play or something like that. So I'm not upset.

Jake (A): You're welcome to play Valheim whenever you want.

Sins (C): GP. Yes.

Jake (A): We'd love to have you.

GP (B): That's probably what I'll have to do before I play this, but honestly, this looks like a beautiful game. And as somebody who can appreciate a.

Sins (C): Good first person shooter charts over there. I'm right here. Kill me. Come on. Do it. Do it. So I'm looking the base price. It's not on sale right now, but the base price is $20. And it does look like there's a DLC, and I haven't played the DLC.

Jake (A): Nice.

Sins (C): Yeah.

Jake (A): This looks like a great one to check out. I'm definitely going to check this one out. $20 is totally worth it. And like, oops, all my windows closed.

Sins (C): Yeah.

Jake (A): And the graphics sounds really good. The replay online co op, that's freaking awesome.

Sins (C): Yeah. I have 40 hours in the game. I've played for 40 hours, and that's.

Jake (A): Still doing unlocked pretty good for $40.

Sins (C): That's $0.50 an hour, right?

Jake (A): Yeah.

GP (B): Chard no. If anything else, Chard is in Chat trying to say that I want him fired. If anything, he needs a promotion where he can be second in command right under Daddy. I mean, Jake. I'm fired. It's fine.

Jake (A): Have a list. Not tyrants, not Daddy. Okay.

Sins (C): So I'm going to stump a little bit here and say if you're listening to this or watching this on YouTube and you have heard of this game, please let us know in the chat or comments. We also have a discord. I want to know who's heard of this because it has a lot of reviews, but everybody I've talked to has.

Wulff (D): Been like, yeah, I was kind of confused because you were like, this is my hidden gem, and I looked it up and I was like, 70,000 reviews on Steve.

GP (B): Yeah, but I had the greatest secret.

Sins (C): A co op list to get to it.

Wulff (D): To be fair, that's how I came across it. I was like, okay, what's a good co op game I can play with my buddy? And I had not heard of it. I found it like that. It's never been pushed to me. Even though I play a lot of rogue lights, it's not something I've seen, mentioned, or played on YouTube. So I don't know.

GP (B): My family did something similar where my brother, myself, and a bunch of our cousins wanted to have some sort of online multiplayer experience at, like, once a week. This was a year or two ago. We haven't been able to do this for a while. And I wish we had found something like this, because what we ended up falling on was jack box, and then we ended up just doing TKO over and over, and you learn way too much about people in your orbit when you play that game. Apparently nobody in my family can run for any sort of office ever because they're all degenerates.

Sins (C): What's the jack box with the puppets? And they get murdered. Love that game. That game is fantastic.

GP (B): But anyway, I wish we had something wholesome like, this is what I'm saying.

Sins (C): Instead of murder.

Jake (A): Instead of murder. All right, that's good. What's?

Sins (C): It gunfire reborn.

Wulff (D): Fire Reborn.

Jake (A): Gunfire Reborn. I'm going to check that one out. Very well. Okay, who's next? GP, I'm going to save you for last because your pick is a good one. Let's wait to your last because of.

GP (B): The daddy thing, because I just barely meant that.

Jake (A): Look, stay in your corner and just wait. Eat your peas, werewolf. How will we do you next? Okay.

Sins (C): All right.

Jake (A): What's your hidden gem?

Wulff (D): All right, so mine let me preface this by saying it is a prequel to a game that I think more people have played than I realize called the game that I'm let's start with Beyond Oasis for the Genesis to Zelda. Like, great game, and as I understand it, a lot of people played this. Well, it got a prequel on the Sega Saturn called Legend of Oasis, and I didn't know that for years after I got the Saturn game.

Sins (C): It was a prequel.

Jake (A): It was yes.

Sins (C): Well, you had the game, but you didn't realize it was a prequel.

Wulff (D): Yeah, I had this and I did not know it was a prequel to the Genesis game.

Sins (C): Okay.

Wulff (D): I had never heard of the Genesis game.

Jake (A): That's different. Yeah.

Wulff (D): It'S kind of funny that I've played the one that I refer to as a hidden gem, but I've never played the Genesis one, and a lot of people are like, oh, yeah, that's a great game. The Genesis one.

Jake (A): Yeah.

Wulff (D): Well, this is probably a lot like the Genesis game, but the sprites like you can see in the video here. The sprites are actually really big. You can kind of call it a zelda, like because you don't have solid hit points or anything, instead of you have a health bar and a magic bar and all that. But the mechanics are pretty cool. There's a lot of puzzle solving. You can use enemies or delayed spells or whatever to trigger things that you need to trigger, like switches or events or whatever to time certain things. And it's hard to tell from the video, but it actually has vertical platforming in it to a degree. So there's different layers, of course. And sometimes it messes with you because you don't realize it's there, but they try to be pretty clear about when there's a height difference. It's just sometimes you can't always tell if you're on the higher or the lower. So falling off can end up being frustrating at times. But this game, it does a lot of really cool stuff. It's got a lot of really neat mechanics where you can strike weapons back at enemies and hurt them with their own stuff. You actually end up getting six different summons throughout the game. Various, like there's a freight, there's a plant one, there's an ice one, there's a bunch of them, right? Shade, air. And to summon them, you would actually use a light ball from your character's bracer and strike it against something. And depending on what you strike, that will determine what's summoned. So you have to be in the vicinity of something to be able to summon that. You got to strike something that's a plant to summon the plant summon, you got to strike fire to summon a freight and so forth. Water for the water one. I think the iron ball is shade, things like that. It's really neat. And they all have different abilities. And there's actually a cheat code you can put in to play a two player mode where one person controls the main character, Leon, and the other player controls the summon.

Jake (A): That's pretty awesome.

GP (B): Yeah, like that.

Wulff (D): But I mean, it's a cheat code. You have to enter a cheat code to play two player. But that's pretty cool. A lot of the moves and mechanics in this game are somewhat sort of fighting game combinations that you enter to do those moves. So it's button combinations to make certain abilities and actions happen, which is not a standard thing for an overhead action RPG, for sure. Also, the music is dynamic based on whether you're in combat or not or other things. So the music will change in the area based on what's going on around you. So it's got a lot of cool stuff that I had not seen before. When I played this game at, I don't know, 1314 years old, this was rad.

Sins (C): The movement reminds me of the Rotoscoped games, like the movement of the character, but put it on an X and Y instead of just a Y axis, right?

Wulff (D): Yeah. The animation in this game is excellent. It looks like a cartoon. Kind of like that's. The quality of the artwork in this, I think they actually put that on the box that it's all like, quality hand drawn art. Yeah. Unbelievable. Hand drawn animation is the term they use.

Jake (A): Oasis had a really smooth cartoony look, but this is that times five. Like, it's way. It's everything about Beyond Oasis, but ramped up quite a bit more on the Saturn. This looks rad. I've heard of this, but I never did play it. I did like Beyond Oasis, Genesis quite a bit, but this looks even better in every possible way. I really should play this one.

Wulff (D): Yeah. Everything I've read about this says it takes what worked in Beyond Oasis and improves on it.

Jake (A): Yeah.

Wulff (D): And so that's part of why I've never gone back to play Beyond Oasis. First, I've never beat this. Second, I feel like it would be a let down because trying to go back to play this guy a one, after playing two or three or four or whatever, it's so difficult to go back to the previous systems that were not quite as tightly tuned. And I feel like that's what Beyond Oasis would do or Legend of Oasis would do to Beyond Oasis. I wouldn't be able to do it.

Jake (A): Yeah. I will say, too, about the combat in these games. It's like Zeld, like you said, with a little bit of beat them up, added for good measure and the combos and whatnot. It's a very unique game. And this is one of those games where where's the sequel, like, why did Sega not do a sequel to this franchise? Right? I mean, on the dreamcast or later on, this would kill.

Wulff (D): Yeah. So I think Beyond Oasis only sold marginally well. And then Legend of Oasis, because it was on the Saturn, didn't sell. Like, I'm probably one of nine people who bought it. Right.

Sins (C): Out of the 27 people that bought Saturns.

Wulff (D): Yeah. Basically, this was probably not a common purchase for Saturn owners, which were already not a common thing.

Jake (A): Yeah. And that's the thing with Saturn. Saturn, I know it was technically a 3D platform, but it never did 3D. That great. It was always, for me, a 2D system. And games like this are why this looks straight out of a cartoon. This is almost like Aladdin, but overhead view and just it looks really fantastic. And if the music is like the Genesis game at all, then it's probably slaps. This looks really good.

Wulff (D): It's the same composer because the composer was the guy who founded the development studio Ancient, and so he did the music for all the games they've done.

Jake (A): Okay. Do they still make games, this company?

Wulff (D): The last one they released was 2019, but it seems like they're, like, every few years to release one. So it's not a quick turnaround.

GP (B): Follow me on this Prince of Persia meets Goof troop. Was it? Goof troop from the SNES. No, the same angle. Top down puzzle game. Insanely fun. I always enjoyed that game. And this seems like, okay, if that's maybe a little too young for you, this might be a good way to play something similar, but with the updated theming or not updated, but a little bit more mature theming. I'm here for it. I think it looks great, and I like the two games it reminds me of, so, yeah, I'd give it a shot. No alcohol required.

Wulff (D): It's also pretty cool. Like, the two player aspect is really neat. If you've got someone to play two player with, it's a lot of fun. Yeah, you got to have the cheat code, but you got to wait. Like, I don't think you get your first summon for the first hour so you can't play two player right away. It takes a little while.

Sins (C): When your friend's home doing chores and you're like, hey, can you come play? And they're like, no, my mom says I have to vacuum the stairs and clean the kitchen. You're like, okay, I'm going to start this now. I'll see you in an hour. Yeah.

Jake (A): I'm just looking at some of the friends.

Sins (C): I was the friend home doing the chores. By the way.

GP (B): Yeah. Why did vacuuming the stairs suck more than every other chore ever?

Sins (C): Oh, my gosh.

GP (B): Well, I'm not alone on that one.

Wulff (D): I don't mind it. I don't know why it's such a terrible thing, because I'm like, all right, it's time consuming, but if I'm vacuuming the stairs, I'm not vacuuming the whole house. It's like it's stairs day.

Sins (C): I had a dog that loved the vacuum cleaner, especially because I would do the stairs with the little hand vacuum, and so the dog would chase me down the stairs and just wait for me to vacuum its fur and yeah, it was great.

Jake (A): This company, Ancient, was founded by Yuzo Koshero, who everybody know. You may not know his name, but you know the games he's worked on. He did the soundtrack for Streets of Rage Two and Three.

Wulff (D): They developed.

Jake (A): Yes. Yeah. That's awesome. They also did some other games recently. The only one I recognize is Fusion Frenzy Two. Okay. But I haven't really seen anything recognizable otherwise.

Wulff (D): But, yeah, they also did act Razor Two specifically. Not the first one, but the second one.

Jake (A): Right.

Sins (C): But wasn't actrazer two the bad act? Razor?

Wulff (D): Yeah, it's the one that's all the arcade style platforming and none of the SIM status.

Sins (C): It's missing the populace portion. Right, yeah.

GP (B): Is that the one where they actually go to the world of the Cinnabites and there's like you see the leviathan thing yes.

Sins (C): And then they exactly. Some guy with, like, a bunch of pins in his head. We have such sights to show you.

Wulff (D): Yeah.

Jake (A): And then they peel back their skin and it shows the face of Goofy.

Sins (C): Yeah.

GP (B): Spoiler alerts.

Jake (A): Yes. If you're out there.

Sins (C): Wow.

Jake (A): All right. Yeah. This game is awesome. I really want to play it.

Sins (C): This looks fantastic.

GP (B): It makes me want to look up the Genesis one as well. I don't know that I would want to play that. This is probably where I would jump into it. But I'm curious to see what the other one looks like, what it sounds like as well, what the controls are like.

Wulff (D): It's on all sorts of stuff. It's on the Genesis collections. Like, I have the Sonic one for 360. It's on that. It's on the Genesis mini, I believe. It's on the Genesis collection that's on Steam. So it just sucks that the Genesis one has been ported to all sorts of platforms and this one has never been on anything except Saturn. And this one outshines the Genesis one by far.

Jake (A): When I first started streaming, I played Beyond Oasis on Stream, and it's a good game, but toward the end, it gets a little bit grindy and repetitive. But I heard that this game has none of those issues and his shame has not been ported anywhere. That's just wild to me. But that's the Saturn.

GP (B): I'm so sorry. The spider is back on your microphone.

Jake (A): Jesus. All right.

Sins (C): Is it all right?

GP (B): There he goes.

Sins (C): It likes the Mic Man.

Wulff (D): Yeah.

Sins (C): Oh, my wow. There goes the people's elbow. There goes the people's elbow.

GP (B): If there has ever been a reason to transition from the audio downloads to the YouTube videos, it's there. I don't know what the minute marker is, but, Jeez, that has to go on the reel. Season two.

Jake (A): Why has he come back?

GP (B): Episode 40.

Sins (C): Yeah, look, some people are just in.

GP (B): It for the attention.

Sins (C): Yeah. Maybe he's trying to get on the podcast.

Jake (A): Maybe. I don't know. Chard, I think you're fired. For replaced you with the spider.

GP (B): No. Bring Chard back.

Jake (A): He seems to be more attracted to me. So I will try to say there's.

GP (B): Nothing I'm going to have to say today that's going to be half as captivating as that darn spider.

Sins (C): Well, coming back to the game, this game does make me wish that the Saturn core for the mister were more complete. And when it is, it will definitely add this to my list.

Jake (A): Yeah.

Wulff (D): This is what I had a lot of fun with.

Jake (A): All right. That's legend of the Oasis on a Saturn. That's a good pick.

Sins (C): Fantastic. Yeah.

Jake (A): All right, let me do mine then. GP, before the spider comes back, are.

GP (B): You going to do that thing where you're like, we're out of time, GP. Maybe next time. What is it? Matt Damon. Are you going to Matt Damon Melissa podcast?

Jake (A): Matt Damon? Yeah.

Sins (C): Did you all see the one where Matt Damon took over the background?

GP (B): No.

Sins (C): Yeah, matt Damon had his day. Anyway.

Jake (A): All right, so I've been playing a lot of arcade games lately. I've talked about it a lot, and there's a. Ton of arcade games I never even knew existed. And this is a game that I found out is not only in the arcade, but there's also an NES version. But I'm going to talk with the arcade game and that's Legendary Wings for the arcade. I got to ask, have you guys even heard of Legendary Wings or no?

Wulff (D): Yeah, sounds fun.

Jake (A): Have you?

Sins (C): Or am I thinking of the SNES, whatever, wing? Pilot Wing. I'm thinking of Pilot wings.

Jake (A): Similar like goofy.

Wulff (D): Legendary Wings was on NES. So yes, I've heard of this one.

GP (B): Was the box covered the guy with the wings?

Jake (A): It might have been. Or a banjo, I don't know.

Sins (C): Was he Legendary Wings?

Jake (A): Yeah.

GP (B): Let me see what I'm thinking of. Pilot Wings. But I think I know Legendary Wings as well.

Jake (A): So Legendary Wings is a Schmup and what's neat to me is this a Capcom game? I didn't know this is a Capcom title. I've never even heard of this before. So there is some alterations from the regions. The North American version took the Japanese characters and kind of rethink them to two must lead men. In the original Japanese release, it was a male and a female. The female character, I think her name is Maria Hart, if I'm not wrong. No, not Entertainment Tonight, that's an old joke. But she's actually a cameo character in a few other Capcom games. I want to say marvel versus Capcom. She's one of the support characters. Yes, that's the COVID for the NES game.

GP (B): Yeah.

Jake (A): So the NES game in true Nintendo port fashion is quite a bit different than the arcade game, but there is similarities. So it's a Schmup and one button shoot, one button throws bombs on the ground. It's one of those where you have to take care of the enemies in front of you, but also the ones on the ground. What is neat though, is that it's not insanely difficult. Most schmups are like impossible for me, or they're really not meant to be beaten without a fistful of quarters. I feel like this game feels beatable. It feels like attainable goal to actually get somewhere in this game. But it's a really frantic action. There's a lot of images on the screen and the music is unique for each stage. Freaking awesome. But what's cool though is as you're playing the overhead view, about halfway through each stage, there's a big giant head. Stay with me.

Sins (C): I've seen this game, I've seen the.

Jake (A): Head opens up and you can void if you want to. But if you go into the big giant head and get swallowed, it turns into a side scrolling platformer. It's not amazing, it's not Mario Brothers, but it takes the action to the side scrolling plane and you're kind of going through like a brief maze like level. And it finishes with a small mid boss. But in addition to that, hidden in each level, there's like something you can bomb and when you bomb it, you go into it and you get a special stage where you pick up these treasure chests and you're kind of flying through that stage. So for a game like this that has different perspectives on gameplay is pretty wild to me. And they do a similar platforming thing at the end of every level with a boss. The only knock I have against this game, because it wouldn't be me picking a game unless I bash it, is that the bosses of each stage are basically the same boss. I think the very last boss is slightly different, but they all behave the same. And also, it's one of the things where if you max out your power ups, you can pretty much shoot and kill every enemy in one hit, including the bosses. So it's not a difficult game is what I'm saying. But for me, that's a bonus. I love playing a schmup that I can actually beat, but music is fantastic. The sprites are really cool. It's just a fun schmup I never even heard of before, and I think this is wild to me.

Sins (C): I'm liking the little helmeted hair walkers that open up their mouths and shoot the thing. It's great. I'm enjoying that.

GP (B): So you're telling me there's a side scrolling schmup where you can hit the top of the screen or the bottom of the screen without dying?

Jake (A): I know. What are the odds?

GP (B): So this is not made by Silver Surfer people.

Sins (C): It's no R type either. It's no R type.

Jake (A): Well, our type is a game I struggled with for months, and this is a game I feel like I could sit down and beat probably in an afternoon. I got quite far just playing through a couple of times this earlier this week. It's a fun one. So for those watching the YouTube video, here is the big giant head. And again, you can skip it if you want to, but if you want that high score, you're going to go into the mouth.

GP (B): But anyway, look, if you're familiar with Daedalus and Icarus and the Minotaur, this is the Steve for you. This is top tier video game adaptations of old religions. And that's what I look for personally in my arcade cabinets.

Jake (A): Yeah, genesis Ten is the part where they talk about the laser rifles. It's your biblical history.

Sins (C): So I think I'm going to refer to those big giant heads as the Face on Mars. It's the face on Mars that you fly into.

GP (B): Yeah, I remember seeing the Face on Mars for the first time and nobody could convince me that that wasn't put there by aliens. Now, I know this is a little off topic, but you guys have seen the show before. You know how this works. It's not really a face on Mars, it's a rock formation. That's exactly how the aliens would do it. They're not going to leave a building. They'd be like, no, we're going to build something. They're going to see this and be like, clearly, this is aliens. Anyway, after the show, if you don't know what we're talking about, google it or watch. Was it Mission to Mars or one of those movies?

Jake (A): Bad Mars.

GP (B): No, it wasn't bad. Gary Sinise. Come on.

Jake (A): It was terrible. The one with the aliens, they were really bad. CGI.

GP (B): No.

Sins (C): Just thinking of no, that's red planet.

GP (B): I love signs.

Sins (C): I think they're nice. No red planet was the Val Kilmer. Yeah. And the robot dog.

GP (B): Which one was Ghost on Mars?

Jake (A): Ghost? Not the one with Val Kilmer and the robots, but the one with the really crappy aliens that come to Mars.

Sins (C): I don't know.

Jake (A): They came out within six months.

Sins (C): Legendary wings.

Jake (A): Yeah, sure.

Wulff (D): I don't know. Check out legendary you're talking about also.

GP (B): If you guys are looking at the box art for the NES legendary wings, I would like to point out one of those alien heads is in the background, but it looks like a Cyborg muppet.

Sins (C): Yeah, I kind of hear a noise, like an old person noise.

Wulff (D): Yeah.

GP (B): Who are the guys who are sitting in the balcony? Yeah, that's him. But he's had some cybernetic updates, right? He's Kano meets that guy.

Jake (A): That's the ultimate form of Kano after he lost a fatality in Mortal Kombat. He's just a big giant head in the middle of the ocean. That's wild. Anyway, legendary wings. Go check it out. Arcade version. NES version looked okay, too, but the arcade really shines, I think.

Sins (C): All right, so is this on the mister? Is there a core on the mister for this?

Jake (A): There is. This is one of the vertical cores I can run on my machine until I get that new monitor. So that's why I've been playing it a lot.

GP (B): And the model for the character on the COVID mark Pillow. That is a deep cut. I'm not going to explain it. We don't have time. Mark Pillow. It was in exactly one movie. No one cares.

Sins (C): Okay.

Jake (A): The voice of Goofy and Goof trip, from what I understand.

Sins (C): And they rotoscoped him for that movie. It was great.

Jake (A): Yeah, awesome. All right, GP. So when I asked for a couple of gems this week leading up to.

GP (B): This, I know we're running short on time. If I can get through everything, we might be able to talk about it. When you first said, hey, we're going to do another hidden gems game, one game popped into my mind, and then I realized, oh, that's the game I did two years ago when we did the first one. And I want to pat myself on the back for not realizing that, remembering it right away. But also, I want to high five my younger self from two years ago because I apparently nailed the hell out of that one because I still feel this way. And that one was MetalStorm, which.

Sins (C): Play that a lot.

GP (B): It's a great game that everybody should know about, and some people do. It's probably like yours in a star where nobody really knows about it, or if they do, they don't talk about it. But there's all these good reviews.

Sins (C): There's 70,000 good reviews of this game.

Wulff (D): Right.

GP (B): But anyway, so that's not what I'm talking about today. And before I tell you what my pick is of today, I want to give you some other thoughts. Sick jack. I promise we're getting there, buddy.

Jake (A): Is this a hidden gem GP?

GP (B): Because I sure yes, it is. It kind of is. Final fantasy. Seven. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. No. Okay, so the reasoning I loved Star Wars, but I didn't really get all the political intrigue and really the story. I liked the action sequences, and I thought it was fun and Sci-Fi, and that's cool. So the game the hidden Gem, not Star Wars, but the same idea of, like, there's a lot of dialogue and a lot of it is political intrigue and backstabbing, and I don't really get it, but I like the action in this game. Are you ready? Is Final Fantasy tactics for the PlayStation One.

Jake (A): Hidden gem. Final fantasy tactics.

GP (B): I'm sorry, how many times have we talked about Final Fantasy tactics on this show? We are 400 episodes in. This is the first time anybody's mentioning it. It's a hidden gem. Nobody talks about it, but it's a great game.

Sins (C): That pick was so good. That pick was so good. You got my five head.

GP (B): Look, I don't understand why you all are hating on this. It's happening. This is my pick, and I don't think I'm wrong here. It's a great hidden okay, so are you saying that a hidden gem has to be buried so deeply in the bowels of steam that it takes Sinistar, just the luck of the draw, to find it? Or is it, again, a game that is part of a major franchise that is worthy of a lot of love, but again, nobody talks about it.

Wulff (D): This game, 2.4 million units worldwide.

GP (B): In 1998, that unit count dropped about 16.

Wulff (D): That's not including the PSP release. That's not including the iOS and Android release, dude.

GP (B): Okay, now that I've got you all worked up, I want to talk to you about my real hidden gem, Metal Storm. I'm sorry. Okay? You can say what you want about the sales, and that's great. I would like to point out that there was another game earlier in this episode that had 90,000 positive reviews.

Sins (C): At least nobody but me had heard of it.

GP (B): I don't know what to say. They can't all be circus. Charlie's okay. But I'm standing I'm sticking by this one. You can make fun of me all you want, and that's cool, and say it's hidden. Say it's not. And maybe I'm not a part of all the tactics forums, but I just don't know of a lot of people who talk about this game still. And if you've played it back in 97 and you haven't maybe played it in the past 2025 years, go back and play it because it holds up and there are Rom hacks of it. And I understand you're saying, well, if there's Rom hacks, it's probably not a hidden gem. But hear me out. Eat a big one, because it is, and it's a great game. And I think no matter the game, yes, I'm glad you've heard of it.

Jake (A): Yeah, surprisingly, I have heard of this one. I mean, I've heard no less than five times. Bash it on our podcast.

GP (B): I know.

Jake (A): Here's the other game that defined a genre, for sure. It did. The tactics games. This is the Tactics game for the last 15 years, at least.

GP (B): Nobody talks about tactics games.

Wulff (D): This an Ogre battle or like, the Ogre battle.

GP (B): Also, the reason I brought this one up is I wanted to be able to talk about it without Chart here because he would just tell me how bad it is.

Wulff (D): He's still telling you how bad it is.

Sins (C): Now we've come down to brass tacks. Now it has remakes.

Jake (A): Jeff says it has remakes. He's totally right. As three remakes, the Hidden Gem and two sequels.

GP (B): Okay, now the sequels don't count. Kind of like Ninja Turtles. Three. Not really an actual movie.

Jake (A): Okay.

GP (B): No, that's fine. It's all right, guys.

Sins (C): I'm going to need more water for this conversation.

Jake (A): It's a great game. I love fountain. Fantastics. This is one of my favorite Jrpgs on the PlayStation. This is one of the few I could actually go back and play. And the job system is freaking amazing.

GP (B): And it's another question.

Jake (A): So many games after it. That's how impactful it was.

GP (B): Sure. Here's a question for you, Jake. When I sent you the video clip for this several days ago, why didn't you say, maybe this isn't as hidden of a gym as you think, GP?

Jake (A): Because then I would have been able.

GP (B): To pick up another one and I could have saved myself all this embarrassment.

Jake (A): I was trying not to spoil it, so I was trying not to look at your guys video, whatever. That's what I was trying to do.

GP (B): For anybody who's not familiar with this game, and I'm sure a few of you out there are not it's in the Final Fantasy family, but it's not part of the numbered sequence, and essentially it is Final Fantasy Chess. And that's all you need to know. Play it. Thank me later.

Wulff (D): If you throw a tactics game at us and we're like, okay, phantom brave lapucell tactics. Eternal eyes. There's so many Tactics style games out there you could have brought in. But no, you bring the most well known.

GP (B): Yeah, I don't really play a lot of tactical games.

Sins (C): You bring the tactics game.

GP (B): Yeah, no, that's fair. I guess I got to own this one and have some egg on my face. But I will say this. I've owned this game since it came out, and I played it two or three times when I was younger. Again, didn't really get it, but I've gone back within the past year, played through it again, and realized, man, this is a great game that is completely off my radar. So maybe I don't play enough tactics games, but yeah, so that's why for me, it was a hidden gem.

Sins (C): So what you're saying is you're part of the 2.3 million people that bought.

Wulff (D): The game in 1997.

Sins (C): Hidden gem?

GP (B): I don't know that I've ever been this humiliated on the show.

Jake (A): No, when you sent me that link.

Sins (C): Another fantastic hidden gem. Doom.

Jake (A): What's that game?

GP (B): I hear you, but not Doom, as we've all played it. Doom on the pregnancy test. You guys have seen that, right? Somebody put Doom on the pregnancy test.

Jake (A): Yeah. Okay.

Wulff (D): Yeah.

GP (B): I'm not saying pregnancy test. Equates to god dang it. This is not my episode. I was upstaged by that fucking spider, and I'm really having a hard time recovering.

Jake (A): It'S. Okay? This is a fantastic game. Everybody should play file statics if you even remotely like it.

GP (B): Sounds like everybody has played it pretty much.

Sins (C): Charge just said a great thing in Chat. He says we're expecting doom.

GP (B): Congrats. And I'm sorry.

Jake (A): All right, before we wrap up, we have oh, yeah, go ahead.

Wulff (D): Can I throw in one more in there? Since brought a Final Fantasy tactic to the getting turfed. Yeah, let's bring another modern one in. We don't have video for this one, but it's called Nobody Saves the World. And I think I mentioned it in passing on the podcast.

Sins (C): You've pointed it out to me before.

Wulff (D): Yeah, but yeah, I want to mention this again. It is a Zelda like, it's another Zelda like, for me, apparently, it's that kind of night. It's up to four players online, which is super cool, and you mix and match classes in this game, so it's got a job system, so it's tangent from both Mine and GPS. Let's merge them. Right. You unlock all sorts of classes, from rat to dragon to be to robot, zombie, mermaid. They're all there. Like, there's tons of class. You could be a fucking egg in this game.

Jake (A): An egg?

Wulff (D): An egg. And you can cross mingle their moves to create your own sort of perfect class or to overcome the obstacles that you're given. And the fact that you can mix and match abilities to your classes and even passives. It's really wild what kind of stuff you can do and how overpowered you can get by the end of the game. But it's got a great sense of humor because it's from Drink Box Studios. The same as Guacamole.

GP (B): Yeah, Guacamole.

Jake (A): Okay. Right.

Wulff (D): And it's got this really dramatic sort of world that it's built, but plays fast and loose with everything. Right?

Sins (C): Nice.

Wulff (D): So it's a lot of fun. Highly recommend, great for multiplayer. Night if you play two to 3 hours a session with your buddies, you're probably looking at a good ten sessions if you get the game and the DLC.

Sins (C): Nice.

GP (B): I always enjoy a game where if you play enough of it, you can really get op. And it reminds me of a game that I used to play called Final Fantasy Tactics. And there's a job tree.

Sins (C): Guys, can I never mind.

GP (B): You guys.

Sins (C): Can I bring up another hidden gem for you all, please.

GP (B): We apparently have extra 15 minutes because.

Sins (C): I super metroid on the SNES.

Jake (A): I've never heard that one.

Sins (C): You play this character. We're unclear whether it's a boy or girl named Samus, and you're alone.

Jake (A): All right, before we wrap up, we are doing the press b's top 100 games need to play before you press b and cancel your life, I guess. I don't know. So we're doing top 100 list later this year, and we got nominator games for the list. I don't know if you guys have thought about that this week, so let me do mine real quick and while you guys think about yours really fast. So for me, Nintendo Game Boy, Donkey Kong, or most commonly called Donkey Kong 94, because it does share a name with the original arcade classic. And even the first few stages are like the original arcade game. But this Game Boy title after the first few stages opens up to a nine world 100 stage puzzling platformer. And it's freaking amazing. It is, I think, one of the top five games on the Game Boy Donkey Kong is amazing. It's just all 100 stages are really crafted really well. There's controls are really tight. There's multiple moves for Mario from backflips to triple dumps. Stuff that I've said in past episodes I think helped influence later Mario titles. Donkey Kong is a game you can't miss on the Game Boy. I think it's one of those fantastic titles. And even when you put it up against SNES games, I think it stands apart on its own. And there were sequels, kind of with the Mario and Donkey Kong franchise, but it's not the same. The original Donkey Kong game, I really wish they did something similar to this one. So that's my pick for the top 100. Who else has sinned?

GP (B): Sorry?

Jake (A): You said you had your pick.

Sins (C): I do. So I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to pick one that I think everybody's going to either. I think everybody's going to agree. Tetris. Tetris. I'm good with original ness, honestly.

Jake (A): Okay, which one?

GP (B): Not two?

Sins (C): No.

Jake (A): Tetris on tengen. And there's Tetris. And yes, there's Nintendo version. There's two of them.

Sins (C): Oh, boy. I don't know which one I've played. What's the difference?

Jake (A): One has multiplayer, I believe, and one doesn't, and I'll look this up. Okay, well, Tetris, I 100% agree with you. You just got fair. Which version? I love Tetris. For me, it was a Game Boy version. But I love Tetris.

Wulff (D): Yeah.

Jake (A): For me.

Wulff (D): It's Game Boy as well.

Sins (C): I mean, introduces us, introduced basically everybody in the world to Russian music, and it's great. Plus the concept, what do they call them? Tetra Nemos or whatever they are.

GP (B): Tetronomos domino's and tetris.

Sins (C): I still play this today. I went and bought the version. Tetris evolved or whatever. And what's funny is I always go back to the base rules, but I like one modern change that was made at some point, which is the ability to store one piece. That's the one change that I like from the original is the ability to swap out a piece and have one and and have one in your in your pocket, as it were. But otherwise, I like the standard rules. I like I i am one of these people that I feel bad if I don't always chase just all Tetris, but I love this game. And really, honestly, I feel like it probably was or is the puzzler that defined kind of the puzzle genre. Right?

Jake (A): Yeah. I know somebody in our discord was talking about Dr. Mario. I think it was Electromistro as their name. Yeah, Dr. Mario. It's great, but it never clicked for me. For me, when I look at that style of puzzle game, it's always been Tetris. I love Tetris. The speed running community is wild to see how they do the tapping now for controls on Tetris, it's just wild to see. It's a really great game.

Sins (C): I love watching people hold their controllers in the weirdest positions to play, and it's crazy. So Tetris is my nomination, and we're going to go with probably the original release, maybe the tengan. I don't know.

Jake (A): Well, we can have to do it later, but definitely Tetris on Nintendo then. For sure.

Sins (C): Yes.

Jake (A): Okay, GP, you want to go next?

GP (B): Yeah. And I'll tell you what, game I'm not going to nominate.

Sins (C): Tactics.

GP (B): Yes.

Jake (A): That's a good one.

GP (B): Switch this up real quick.

Sins (C): But it's a hidden gem.

GP (B): Yeah, I would never put it on the 100 list because I thought it was a hidden gem. No. Okay. I feel like I need to be the person to nominate some sports games because I don't see very yeah, I don't see you guys really doing much sports. So while I have a whole lot of games I would love to put on there, I feel obligated to represent that niche. So last time I had done Pole Position, which is a racing game. This time there's another three or four. I think we'll go on there. But I want to make sure NBA Jam gets put on there. You can do the arcade, you can do the Super Nintendo, which is how I was introduced to it, but it.

Sins (C): Was I love that game.

GP (B): Yeah, it's a classic. It's great.

Sins (C): I always liked turning on big head mode. Big head mode was.

GP (B): You can type in cheat codes and play as you be George Clinton from how cool is that?

Jake (A): Yeah.

GP (B): The Dick Vital style, background vocals.

Jake (A): He's on fire, baby.

GP (B): All that kind of stuff is so fun. And it's one of the ones I've got, like, the Tournament Edition for the Super Nintendo and go back and play it, and it's still so great and was ported everywhere. The Super Nintendo, the Genesis on newer consoles. Since then, I don't know what kind of Roms or Hacks are out there for it. People have updated it for more rehab.

Jake (A): Celebrities, update the stats on the players and replace players. Arcade updated a Shack Edition cabinet, which I'm not a huge sports game fan, but NBA Jam is one of those titles that's just fun. You're not into sports. It's just a fun game to play.

Sins (C): It's like NFL Blitz in the arcade. You don't have to know football to go play NFL Blitz in the arcade. Right?

Wulff (D): Yeah. NBA Jam kind of took what Jordan versus Bird for the NES was trying to do and really perfected it. Right.

Sins (C): I played that on the Apple, too.

Wulff (D): I think NBA Jam was three v. Three or two v two, something like that.

Jake (A): Two v two.

Wulff (D): Instead of one on one. But it made the gameplay more dynamic. It made it more interesting. The fact that you could pick your players was really cool. It really capitalized on that niche concept and exploded it tenfold. It's great.

GP (B): And I kind of feel like NBA Jam is to basketball games what the Harlem Globetrotters is to just basketball. Agree. Like you said, even if you're not into it, you can play it and still have a good time. The ball catches fire, all these things. And if I remember right, depending what port you bought or which version you bought for which system, that determined what special characters were available so you could get some characters on the Genesis, which you couldn't for the Super Nintendo. And even though it's gimmicky, I always enjoyed that kind of thing. Like, if you remember Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters, which is probably more of a hidden gem than tactics, depending on which version you bought or which console you bought that determined what your cover art was. And I always thought that kind of thing was fun. That's my thing. I really enjoy title.

Sins (C): Great nomination.

GP (B): Thank you.

Jake (A): Okay, we're all, how about you?

Wulff (D): I am going to submit crazy taxi.

GP (B): Okay.

Wulff (D): And this is because this game basically spawned an entire genre of games, and it's still never been done better than Crazy Taxi, in my opinion.

Jake (A): Yeah, I agree.

Wulff (D): Simpson's hit and run was good, but it got old fast. And Crazy Taxi is a game I played for months and months and months, and the fact that you could learn to really map it out and build up your score, it was kind of the epitome of a Score Attack game for me. I've never played a Score attack game that I've been more into than that one. And that's not to say I've not been into score attack games. They're generally not my jam. But crazy. Taxi really nailed it. And I mean, it's still getting imposters that are lackluster. There was Taxi Chaos last year, and it was apparently a total flop.

Jake (A): Didn't hear about that one.

Wulff (D): Yeah, it's something that people are still trying to do well and can't. Even Sega hasn't done as well as the first one. Like, Crazy Taxi Two was good, but it didn't have the staying power of Crazy Taxi One. Crazy. Taxi three also good. Still not as good as one.

Jake (A): Didn't even know there was a third game.

Wulff (D): Yeah, it's on the Xbox. It takes place in Vegas.

Sins (C): Yes.

Jake (A): Oh, wow. Okay. Possibly a hidden gem, maybe. I don't know. Try that one out. That's a good pick. The first Crazy Taxi is definitely you're right. There's nobody else who's done it quite like that. And I guess apparently even Sega hasn't been able to capture that magic. Again. The first one is fine.

Wulff (D): They tried with other things, too. They had one where you play as an ambulance. I think Sega did one that was an ambulance, too, like you were an EMT. I think they did one where it was a fire truck, like, they did a few. They were all arcade games, but between the Frenetic, getting there, stopping, turning around, going the other way with cab fares and the punk rock music, it nailed the feel and kept the game feeling constantly hyped up.

Jake (A): Good picks. All right.

GP (B): You know what the roughest thing about nominating games is stopping at one per episode.

Sins (C): Yes.

Jake (A): Well, yes, because we could easily fill a couple of hundred of these, but we only have 100 spots, and as we get close to that upper limit, I think we're going to be really struggling to realize we're going to lose.

Sins (C): I think we need to nominate more than 100, and then we need to have some shakeout.

Wulff (D): I think that's really yeah, that was the idea.

GP (B): And I think I might be getting addicted to you guys not liking my picks, because I got to say, after that verbal lashing I got earlier, I'm, like, in that happy standoffish mood. So I want to see how we get a few weeks. I'm really excited for next month.

Sins (C): Are we getting argumentative? GP back?

GP (B): I don't know. Are you getting yes, of course.

Jake (A): Put you in charge of the room.

GP (B): It's going to flow well into what we have in store for everybody all next month, which I don't know if we can talk about it yet, but I'm real excited for what's going to happen.

Jake (A): Maybe we'll just say that we're planning a series of bracket episodes in the very near future. We're just hashing out details, burying the lead.

GP (B): Good job.

Jake (A): I love it. If you're part of our discord, check out the presbytery discord links on We are be. Hitting you guys up for ideas on items to nominate for those brackets, so keep an eye out for that. And if you're an audio listener, check us out on all your favorite podcast apps, whether it's Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, for some reason, Spotify, we're everywhere. And of course, we're live on YouTube most Fridays at 830 Eastern, 530 Pacific. Or you can catch our vods there. If you want to share anything out.

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Jake (A): If you're watching this live, please hit the like button. That does help. And hit follow or subscribe. Let's start with you because you actually stream.

Sins (C): What about you?

Jake (A): What have you been doing lately?

Sins (C): I said this, I think, last time. I think I'm officially back. I'm only streaming one evening a week, most Mondays, although I did a Tuesday this week because Monday was an anniversary of something I am currently working through. Chrono Trigger. I just beat Magus Magus, take your pick. But I beat him.

Jake (A): Did you use Robo in that fight?

Sins (C): No.

Jake (A): Okay.

Sins (C): But you know who I did remember this. You know who else I didn't use? What's her name? I didn't use Isla either.

Jake (A): We have to do an episode of Crunchy. You have to beat this. Games in a star.

Sins (C): I'm working on it. I'm working on it.

Jake (A): Okay, GP, anything you want to shut out?

GP (B): I think I mentioned this last time, I reloaded up onto the retrotherapy's YouTube page, some of the old content videos from the channel. Not really trying to promote that. But I do want to point out of all the videos that are on there, there's one video that has gotten like, 100 times more views than all the other videos. And I think it's so bizarre because I don't know if everybody's just checking out this one video or if one person is just obsessed with this video, but it's so funny to me that those are there. But a lot of people have reached out and said, hey, man, if you can get those back loaded up sometime, we always enjoyed this. So we got those up now if you want to check it [email protected]. Athertrotherapy.

Sins (C): I loved the therapy bits you ever.

GP (B): Had that ultimately, I would love to do some more because there was never a shortage of ideas for videos and content things. I don't know about doing more drum stuff in the near future, but I would love to get back and do some of the ones that we didn't quite get to before. But thank you for saying that. It's very sweet. A real hidden gem, that channel.

Wulff (D): One of these days, I'll start Final Fantasy Six and get that dubbed video up. Keep saying, I'll do it. I think I have time this weekend to do it, actually. So here we go.

GP (B): If you can fit that game as a first full play through into a weekend, I think you've done it wrong. It should be savored.

Wulff (D): It's not a first full play through. I've played through the game before, just never beaten it.

Sins (C): It's the definition of a sisafian game.

Wulff (D): Yeah, I've probably gotten to Kepka's, not Tower, but where he's at his condo?

GP (B): Yeah, Kefka's condo.

Wulff (D): But yeah, I've gotten to that point in the game probably three or four different times. SNES, GBA, PlayStation all across the board. Just never beat them.

GP (B): Well, you got it this time, man. I believe in you.

Jake (A): It's definitely a good one.

GP (B): Okay, real quick, everybody's. Hidden Gem picks Umaro Mog, do one of his dances, Gal, and then who else can do the rando. But there's a squad of four people that you can have rando only. Just start the final fight and let it go. See how far you make it. It's a fun challenge.

Jake (A): All right. And I'm sick, Jake. You can find me on most social media under Sick Jake. No. K and sick. I was messing around with TikTok this week because I was bored. Check me out on TikTok, otherwise I am going to get back to Val toads. I've been working to get some free time, but I had the kids for a week, so working on it. But, yeah, I saw the work through my sisafi and game. Maybe in a few months we can do a sisafi and catch up to see where everybody's at. It also, GP, you got to start that Sonic Xbox 360 game some point soon. Fabulous. I'm looking for I need to load.

GP (B): Up the playthrough of Sonic, too, because that was the OG sisafian for this year. So I'll get that loaded up once I get that edited and then everybody also, since he's not here, check out Twitch TV Chardmunk. Yes, the missing fifth night. But yeah, he's great.

Sins (C): He's working through I picked some fights.

GP (B): With him earlier tonight on the show.

Sins (C): So I should recommend the 303 chivo set for Final Fantasy Four on the PSP, which includes the after years. And he finished the initial portion today. He finished Final Fantasy Four, so he's now onto the interlude and then the after years.

Jake (A): Yeah, Final Fantasy Four. Great game. After years.

GP (B): After years, not so much a game.

Jake (A): Yeah. But Chard is always a good watch on Switch. Make sure you check him out.

Sins (C): Hell yeah.

Jake (A): All right, so we have been presspie to cancel. We'll see you guys next week.

Wulff (D): The last hidden gem is in captivity. The podcast is at peace.

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